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GS Project Kinect: Building the GS Sim

The Generation Ships (GS) Project is designed as a part of the larger mySF Project. It is a STEAM, inter-disciplianry unit for Year 9 students.


The GS Project is built on an EduBlog site, with Vimeo vodcasts for a flipped classroom and includes research for students and teachers to build a gestural interface for a GS simulation. To jump to these sites, please use the links to the right.  


Part of the GS Project is based in curriculum content for Digital Technologies, also at or around the Year 9 and 10 level, using the Australian Curriculum: Digital Technologies.


For the GS Project, students and their teachers are asked to design a Generation Spaceship Simulation, based in scenarios found in the short stories, the novels, the poems and the films of the GS Texts for 2017.


Just to make life more complicated, but also much more fun, students are asked to create the GS_Sim for use with a gestural interface, in this case the Kinect for Windows sensor, which in this case is now the same as the Kinect for XBox One sensor.


The Kinect for Windows sensor has a free, downloadable SDK, now up to Version 2 and it can be used with Visual Studio Community, a free download for students and education generally.  The Kinect sensor itself can be bought for under $200 for education users.


There are many uses for the Kinect sensor in education, but for the GS Project the focal point is using tools like Visual C# in the free versions for education, as well as great exemplars, lesson ideas and texts for use both in the classroom and for students and teachers at home.


A page of suggestions for exemplars, lesson ideas and texts for use both in the classroom and for students and teachers at home can be found here. Thanks!









Michael Sisley


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This page updated on 9 June, 2017
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