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The mySF Project is an ongoing project to improve the teaching of Science Fiction (SF) for secondary school students.

Using a thematic approach and research based around online and flexible learning instructional design, the mySF Project discusses texts that may be useful to teachers and students of SF in middle and upper secondary school. Deriving from several years teaching SF with students in Canberra, Australia and elsewhere, as well as recent studies, the mySF Project comes out on this website from the darkness of education intranets and is presented as another resource for secondary English and other teachers, as well as inviting feedback on the materials as part of an ongoing educational dialogue with teachers, authors, film-makers, blog and podcast creators, and students. More can be read about the project as part of the Microsoft Innovative Teachers website from 2007 at the following link:

The main focus of this site is the mySF Project blog that looks at new and established print, digital and online texts that may (or could not possibly be) useful for teachers and students working with SF as a critique of society according to the five themes found in the mySF Project theme area. The blog entries are accompanied by mySF podcasts, some for students but mostly for teachers. This site also offers samples of a thematic approach for teaching SF in a Computer Supported Intentional Learning Environment (CSILE). In 2016 a new area of the mySF Project was launched, looking at the subgenre of the generation ship in SF, the GS Project.

Tunnelling down even further, the mySF Project uses an old and simple definition of SF as involving pseudo-science and pseudo-technology but there is a definite predilection towards hard SF and, with the inclusion of the GS Project, more sociological scenarios, trapped for generations within an all-too thin shell of science.


Michael Sisley



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