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Information about the mySF Project blog and its purposes for secondary teachers and students studying Science Fiction
The mySF Project blog with the attendant mySF podcasts for teachers, students and others interested is the centre of this system. The mySF Project blog is open for comments, critiques and cross-links as part of ongoing collaboration in the teaching and enjoyment of SF with secondary students aged around twelve to seventeen, or Year 9 to Year 12 in the Canberra school system.

You can find the mySF Project blog itself in the famous WordPress blog format, with links to the mySF podcasts housed at LibSyn through this link, current to 26 August, 2016:

Because parts of this site have been migrated up from educational intranets, there are some older podcasts and notes for students and teachers offered covering standard SF texts, as well as some new and ongoing blog entries and discussions. The blog comments, interviews, critiques and curriculum ideas are based in a thematic study of SF as social criticism, with a strong bias towards but not necessarily scalding fingers on  hard SF. Since 2016, the mySF Project has also included specilaist content for Year 9 students using a STEAM approach, an inter-disciplinary, ongpoing project that focuses on the generation spaceship in SF, the GS Project.



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