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Contact information for the mySF Project looking at the teaching of Science Fiction (SF) in secondary schools
The best way to contact the creator of the mySF Project and author of the blogs is through an email.

You can email to:

or, you can use the mySF blog  where there is a mail-to and comment link.

The GS Project, a special study for Year 9s within the mySF Project, has contacts for collaborators and this author. 

Feedback, comments and criticisms are most welcome - especially collaboration with other secondary teachers of SF, students, creators and those within the cavernous vaults of SF fandom.

The mySF Project is a narrowly focused educational endeavour that explores the teaching of SF in secondary schools but it does have special emphases on creative responses to SF texts and ideas in prose, digital media or as artefacts (see the page on 'about the mySF Project'). Suggested links to SF podcasts, useful resources in print, SF e-zines and forums and just about any other support for teachers and students of SF would be most welcome, with the link posted and acknowledged as appropriate.



Michael Sisley


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This page updated on 26 September, 2016