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Information on digital music used in the mySF Project blogs and podcasts for secondary students studying Science Fiction (SF)
Music used in the mySF podcasts and in the Viemo vodcasts in the earlier stages (for the TPACK sessions on Science Fiction) the music came from the the late, always lamented SlowAlan. You can find SlowAlan's music in some excellent songs and longer rants on Sound Cloud here.

In the mySF Project running on a school system intranet in Canberra, Australia, it was possible to grab sampled sound and music from major Science Fiction (SF) films and shows, as long as these shows were run and recorded from free-to-air television. They were. In fact, films and series episodes were chosen for this very reason, to comply with the special education provisions under the Australian Copyright Act.

Samples of sounds from the
Futurama series were used, segments from Star Trek: Enterprise, and so on. However, when it came to putting the podcasts up in a public space like this one, and with the backing of authors such as Geoghegan and Klass (2005) and Mack and Ratcliffe (2007), it was important that the mySF Project podcasts used original music, not only for copyright, but to add the mySF brand identification. For this purpose, the author and composer/performer of the SlowAlan system was approached and he agreed to create music for this purpose. Through the generosity of SlowAlan, the music and sound effects are offered under the Creative Commons Attribution--Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 2.5 Australia License.

Resource list:

Geoghegan, M.W. & Klass, D. (2005). Podcast solutions: the complete guide to podcasting. Berkeley, California: Friends of Ed.


Mack, S. & Ratcliffe, M. (2007). Podcasting Bible. Indianapolis: Wiley Publishing.


Michael Sisley


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