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The mySF Project has been running in one form or another within different school systems and even at the tertiary level for over twenty years. Right from the start, audio files were added to intranet and external websites for students to download to support their studies. The podcasts started with two, short introductions to the mySF unit (very rough), then another two podcasts for each of the five theme areas in the mySF Project. Images were added to the podcasts in 2006 to make them extended podcasts or vodcasts, using still images from films and shows, compliant with the Copyright laws. The podcasts were organised as two per theme area (in learning episode 2 and 8) based on professional readings in their use.

Further readings and formative trials showed the podcasts were useful for a variety of reasons (if you want to
read a literature review on this topic, please use this link - it is a twenty page Word document from this author) but the scope was widened to include SF reviews, interviews, texts, creative writings - all related to teaching SF in the secondary classroom. The past and current podcasts are linked to the mySF Project blog and their purpose here is to seek collaboration with other educators. That's you!

The podcasts in mp3 format can be located on the
mySF Project blog page with paragraph descriptions of the podcasts, starting in mid-January of 2008 with podcasts from the curriculum content for secondary students, linked from the mySF Project theme area.

With changes in technology and a brief change in work description, the podcasts became video podcasts for different audiences (tertiary students studying teaching or how TPACK relates to teaching English), with the backbone of teaching SF in the Australian Curriculum: English. These Vimeo talks and flipped lectures for Year b9 students at Telopea Park School can be found here. This use of vodcasts as flipped lectures relates to a paper given at Global Learn 2015 about multimodal teaching and learning and it can be found here.

New vodcasts for the GS Project, designed for Year 9 students in the Australian Curriculum: English with inter-disciplinary links within a STEAM context can be found here.


Michael Sisley


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