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The first twelve podcasts available through the mySF Project blog site were created as part of the mySF Project when it was run on an intranet for students. Scripts for these are not included here, though the podcasts are available through the mySF Project blog site. From Podcast 13 onwards the audience was changed from secondary students to teachers of SF, believing in the sharing of educational resources for mutual benefit.

While some of the podcasts are interviews, panel discussions and live recordings at events, some are designed to assist teachers with direct references and notes from Science Fiction academics, where they are useful for teachers of secondary students. Scripts from mid-2016 onwards that relate to the GS Project are also included here, hoping to foster collaboration with teachers, students and others for this new, STEAM project.

As it is very hard to give citations and so on in a podcast, the following pages of Scripts are made available to track the names of stories, academics, films and authors. The scripts in the table, below, may help with this. Please email me if you find errors or broken links here, or if you have better links or suggestions.

Podcast Content Publish date
35 mySF Project podcast, number 35
Direct download:

Podcast thirty-five reviews Exploring Genre: Science Fiction by Barbara Stanners, a recent Australian text for secondary schools published by Phoenix Education. The text covers some familiar ground but includes fresh ideas for studies, as well as incorporating focus questions and essay response tasks. However, there are problems ... The script for this podcast with links and a selected bibliography is available here.
10 Oct, 2010

mySF Project podcast, number 34
Direct download:

The thirty-fourth podcast discusses two recent Science Fiction DVDs Surrogates and Gamer, both more likely to be watched by students at home rather than studied at school. Ways of influencing home SF viewing through critical media literacy and checking for scientific consistency are noted. The script for this podcast with links and a selected bibliography is available here.

15 Aug, 2010

mySF Project podcast, number 33

Direct download:


Three SF DVDs released in 2009 or 2010 are discussed for use with students in lower secondary classrooms; Astroboy, Planet 51 and Monsters vs Aliens. The script for this podcast with links and a selected bibliography is available here.

July 7, 2010

mySF Project podcast, number 31

Direct download: mysf_031_2010_04_21.mp3


SlowAlan's Steampunk mp3 file, 'I am stretched on your grave' available here: 5.5Mb


Two 'Steampunk' texts are discussed here, Richard Harland's World Shaker and Otomo's Steamboy on DVD. Both are recommended for use with lower secondary students and some scaffolding for the movie and new novel is suggested. With a furtive glance in the preternatural smog two other texts are noted, Victory by Broadmore and Mieville's Perdido Street Station, both with strong Steampunk elements. The script for this podcast with links and a selected bibliography is available here.

April 22, 2010

mySF Project podcast, number 30

Direct download: mysf_030_2010_01_11.mp3

The Science Fiction Handbook was published by Booker and Thomas in 2009. This text is reviewed and recommended for a variety of purposes, including for secondary teachers of SF. The review looks in depth at the Handbook and makes some suggestions for just one small section of the text, looking at the social and political perspectives found for Wells' most famous SF novellas. The script for this podcast with links and a selected bibliography is available here.

February 13, 2010
29 mySF Project podcast, number 29
Direct download: mysf_029_2010_01_11.mp3

This podcast script relates to the use of Victor Kelleher's short novel for Young Adults, Taronga, published in 1986. The novel falls readily into the Post-Apocalyptic (PA) sub-genre of SF and is very useful for younger secondary students. It leaves them with an extraordinary and visual narrative of a future Sydney where tigers might stalk the streets and two young people have to struggle to survive a cruel world. The novel is also useful to critique this PA sub-genre and to discover the different purposes of these narratives. The script for much of this podcast is available here. Further materials for a major project on teaching Year 8 students about PA narratives including a major assignment, videos and a reflection on the process by MichaelS and Anne is available here.
January, 2010
28 mySF Project podcast, number 28
Direct download: mysf_028_2009_12_29.mp3
Discussion of Oshii's film PatLabor 2 in the light of Bolton's analysis from Robot Ghosts and Wired Dreams. Suitable for teachers of upper secondary students with an interest in Mechas, Anime and computer mediation of reality, whatever that might be.
The script for much of this podcast is available here.
December, 2009
27 mySF Project podcast, number 27
Direct download: mysf_027_2009_06_27.mp3
Interview with Thea van Os, learning technology specialist, SF fan. Thea speaks of the best technologies for secondary teachers to share SF with their students - as collaborations, as communities.   With a wealth of experience and a lively interest in the genre she recommends technologies as wild as SF itself. The interview does not have a script, but here are some of the cool tools she recommends:
Kahootz 3 for younger secondary students
Ning Wiki social networking space
VoiceThread sharing - documents, sounds & videos
Animoto - PPT on steroids, Theas says
June, 2009

mySF Project podcast, number 26
Direct download: mysf_026_2009_06_26.mp3
Interview with Conor Bendl, SF writer, teacher at a Canberra, Australia secondary college. There is no script for the interview linked here, but these are links to anthologies where some of his fiction has been published:
CSFG Anthology Gastronomicon
CSFG Anthology Encounters
The mySF Project hopes to lure Conor back for a reading from his upcoming novel ...

June, 2009
25 mySF Project podcast, number 25
Direct download:
Interview with Rich Pascal, creator and chief lecturer of the 'Speculative Fiction' course from the Australian National University (ANU), looking at SciFi, Gothic and Magic Realism texts. The interview itself does not have a script. Instead, there is available a sample essay by Jane, from the course. Click here for Jane's essay from the Speculative Fictions course. Please be aware it is a Single Web file format, a Microsoft '.mht' file, of 114k.
June, 2009
24 mySF Project podcast, number 24
Direct download: mysf_024_2009_06_21.mp3
Full script: Pixar and Disney's Wall-E: a look at AI, robot romance and some background to human relationships to machines ... of loving grace
June, 2009
23 mySF Project podcast, number 23
Direct download: mysf_023_2009_04_25.mp3
Full script: Discussion of the use of 1950s X Minus One podcasts as scaffolding or 'Good to go' podcasts, with simple suggestions for assessment
April, 2009
22 mySF Project podcast, number 22
Direct download: mysf_022_2009_01_15.mp3
Full script: Matheson's I am Legend and the three movies based on this novel, looking at Post-Apocalyptic and Last Man narratives.
January, 2009
21 mySF Project podcast, number 21
Direct download: mysf_021_2008_12_29.mp3
Full script: Discussion of the film Eagle Eye with associated films as a good entrance to views of the uneasy relationships between privacy and technological surveillance. Notes relate to a middle to upper secondary group and could be part of the Ghost in the Shell theme area.
December, 2009
15 - 19 Full scripts for x4 podcasts: Discussion for teachers of Podcasts 15-19, covering Dozois' 22nd annual anthology of the Year's Best Science Fiction. Amongst the writers discussed briefly with ideas about use in the secondary classroom are Murphy, Rosenbaum, Moles, Kress, Gacigalupi, Flynn, Harrison, Bisson, Kelly, Baker, Vinge, Singh, Cowdry, Sanders, Abraham, Davies, Baxter, Kiernan, Dubois, Reed, di Filipo, Cambias, Arnason, Hamilton, Melka and Williams.  July, 2008
13 & 14 Comments for teachers on several stories from Nebula Awards Showcase 2006. Authors covered include Walter John Williams, William Sanders, Christopher Rowe, Anne McCaffrey, Benjamin Rosenbaum, Kathi Maio, Thoedora Goss, Roger Dutcher and Vernor Vinge. April, 2008



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