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Supplementary Materials and Resources for Podcast 29 - Collaborations
with mentor teacher Anne


mySF Project: Collaborations with the mentor teacher, Anne: improving
the focus class and the project


This page supports Podcast 29 of the mySF Project blog and podcast series, found at
You can find the full script for Podcast 29 at

The table, below, glances at the Quality Teaching model that was applied to the focus class on Post-Apocalyptic

fiction and Kelleher's Taronga (1986). The process of building, discussing and revising the focus class for

different audiences and with different teachers is discussed, with notes for each stage of the process.


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Background to the Quality Teaching project, and the Focus Classes
Meeting with Anne before the focus class: Meeting 1
Notes from Anne during Michael's focus class
Meeting with Anne after Michael's focus class: Meeting 2
Anne's focus class with rewriting for the different group
Michael's notes on Anne's focus class
Notes on the QTm final meeting and rewriting for a general class template
Repurposed focus class for general use - To be uploaded February, 2010






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