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The ghost in the shell theme - where does the machine begin and the human end?
The theme content areas in the mySF Project are based around several models of thematic studies in SF, as seen in the longer overview article in the Innovative Teachers website at Microsoft.

The column of eight choices to the right shows the different learning episodes occurring over a ten week term. The first and last learning episode (LE) are omitted as this small unit starts with a concept map and introduction to the system and ends with an assessment and reflection in a final concept map in week ten.

The ambition of this theme area, like the other four, is to have students construct knowledge in response to the themes in the learning episodes. This use of a computer environment for knowledge construction through collaboration is based on Bereiter's (2002) CSILE models.

Used in the classroom, students start with Learning Episode 1 and move through to Learning Episode 10, either as flexible learning (though they can jump around and between themes at the same LE level), or as blended learning if a teacher works directly with the students.

Learning Episode 1 includes an introduction to the whole theme area and then different texts are dealt with, in an order of increasing difficulty so that the conceptual ideas or artefacts are explored with questions and constructions in the last few learning episodes, all seen to the right, middle of this page.

Why not start with Learning Episode 1?

Unfortunately, this area is not yet complete, so LE1 is the only one that exists as at late 2016.

Resource List

Bereiter, C.    (2002). Education and Mind in the Knowledge Age, Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Mahwah, NJ.